Bird dog training

For one of my last stories at the Herald, I worked with Tyce Erickson, a bird dog trainer, documenting him as he conducted training sessions with clients' dogs to develop them into skilled bird dog hunters. Erickson, who grew up hunting with his family, was working at a car rental company when he decided to quit and start his own dog training business. "I love the dogs. I love the birds. I love being outside. And I love the friendship that comes from hunting," Erickson said. "You can't ask for anything more."


I shot my first rodeo, and it was amazing. Just wish I caught another one before I left Utah....

Porter Rockwell look-alikes

Porter's Place, a Lehi restaurant, celebrated what would have been their namesake's 200th birthday with a Porter Rockwell look-alike contest. Rockwell, a figure in American and Mormon history, was a bodyguard for Joseph Smith, and was nicknamed "the destroying Angel of Mormondom." Guns, knives, and long beards were on full display.


Water Fight!

What happens when a fire truck with its hoses and deck gun takes on a band of neighborhood kids...